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Who is The Lord That I Should Obey?

But Pharaoh said, “Who is the Lord that I should obey His voice to let Israel go? I do not know the Lord, and besides, I will not let Israel go.” Exodus 5:2

Christians reading the accounts within Exodus know the end of the story. One could go as far as saying, though as flawed and inaccurate as it may be, almost all people understand to some degree a main theme at the beginning of the historical book; the man Moses going against the King of Egypt (Pharaoh) to let the Israelites go. Many overlook a small statement made by Pharaoh in chapter 5, verse 2, “I do not know the Lord.”

This statement by Pharaoh is striking - as he declares he has never encountered the Living God, nor has he ever heard of his message. He was ignorant, blind and selfish. Pharaoh was like any other person before regeneration. If you are a believer, think upon this question before you were saved, “Who was the Lord to you?” You did not know the Lord, you did not follow his moral law, and when someone would speak to you, you asked, "Who is the Lord, that I should obey him?” Doing a study on Exodus, one will see that Egypt was polytheistic, and since they had many gods, God will make himself known to Pharaoh through what is known as the ten plagues or the ten signs of Eygpt (Exodus 9-11).

  1. The Nile turning into blood was a judgement against Apis - the god of the Nile and the connection to Osiris.

  2. The frogs were judgement against Heqet, the goddess of birth

  3. The gnats were against Set, the god of the desert

  4. The flies were against Uatchit, and none of the Israelites were affected.

  5. When the livestock was killed, it was against Hathor and Apis as their image was cattle.

  6. The boils and showing the True Living God (Adoni) were over their fake Sekhmet, Sunu, and Isis gods.

  7. The hail was against the false goddess of the sky Nut and affected the false god Osiris by damaging the crops.

  8. Lucusts, another hit on the previous gods of Egypt of Nut and Osiris

  9. When Darkness hit, it was a direct judgement on the sun god Re

  10. Lastly, the final judgement, which is why Jews and Christians until this day reflects on Passover, was the judgement against Isis, the god of the children. Death passed over the Israelites, but the firstborn of Egypt was killed.

God made himself known to Pharaoh and that He alone is the TRUE God (Is 42:8). Pharaoh’s heart was hardened, but nonetheless, everything was done for a reason, and God made it clear who He is and what was to take place. With that in mind, let’s turn our attention to the Canadian context. Currently in power is a government that does not know the Lord. It must be stated that regardless if it is a Liberal government or a Conservative government, the men and women who take seats in Ottawa do not know the Lord. They are familiar with aspects of Christianity, but many (not all) are, in a way, polytheist, agnostic or atheist. This is why, when the Christians write their local MP, or even on the provincial level of their MPP, regarding the need to stop attacking or attempting to usurp the ordained authority over the Christian church or Christian conscience - they like Pharaoh ask the same question “Who, is the Lord that I should obey Him?” The gods they serve are of self, of the land, of pleasure, not Yahweh.

Now granted, we are not living in the Ancient Near Eastern context. We are not slaves to Pharaoh or need an Exodus, but there are similarities. Look at Canada and how it operates under the current Prime Minister and that of Pharaoh. One big comparison is that the Prime Minister sees people for his gain and advantage. He suppresses Christians with unjust Acts and Bills in his attempt to control speech and declare what a Christian can and can not believe or put into practice. All citizens are over-taxed and slaves in the sense of working only to see their tax dollars used for the ideologies of leaders as opposed to things like roads, healthcare and veterans. Living paycheck to paycheck and often borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.

In Canada, government officials promote and ensure the killing of innocent babies in their mother's wombs is paid for by all and considered health care. Just like Pharaoh desiring to kill all the male babies to control the Isreal population in Egypt (Ex 1:16). Taking it further, Canada is a land that worships at the altar of Molech, the god of the Ammonites. Canada is a land that promotes and encourages everyone to practice and bow down to their god of sex, may it be Himeros of the Greeks or Min of Egypt. Men and women commit disgusting and lewd acts violating Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1:18-32. Canada, a land where someone cannot have the quality of life they want, or government deemed they should have, is medically murdered though it violates God’s command not to kill in a premeditated way.

Think about what is being observed on this land's TV or Social Media feeds. From border to border, Christians are being persecuted. Charged and arrested, they are seeing their parental rights attacked, their convictions attacked, and they are being silenced but yet being indoctrinated. What will it take for our rulers and leaders to change? Simply sitting back and showing them our love through our submission? Well, just like Pharaoh, they ask the question, “who is the Lord that I should obey?” And Christians are called to answer, “It is Jesus Christ - and this is what he says!” Examples,

  1. When this land worships at the altar of Molech and passes laws that people cannot interfere or go near their altars of death - the Christian says “no.” It is better to obey God than Man (Acts 5:29). They must go and pray; they go and protest. They go in droves, not one here or there - but by the tens and hundreds. They overwhelm the police, and they overwhelm the courts. They show boldness, they open-air preach, they pray, they pass out tracts, they offer other options and when the question is asked, “Who is this God?” They get a clear demonstration.

  2. When this land tells you that a minor cannot vote until 18, drive without restrictions until 18, or drink until 19 but can have their genitals mutilated under the age of 16, the Christian fights back against the perversion, the grooming and all confusion They hold prayer vigils at the clinics and hospitals such surgeries are taking place. If doctors or nurses are part of the faith community and take part in this (or abortion), there is ex-communication if no repentance takes place. They interact with school boards forcing the gay religion on students; they demand answers, or at least run for the positions so that reversal can occur. They demand Christian literature, reading hours and the removal of sexually perverted material. Though Bill C-4 makes it illegal to counsel someone or convert their ideas, the Christians refuse such a law because the very lawmakers use conversion-type therapy on minors with their sodomite religion. We hold prayer vigils at school council meetings, and yes, let the police drag us out. Let them charge us; at least, people will know there are convictions worth fighting for.

  3. We preach, teach, and civilly disobey every law that violates the Word of God and our Christian conscience. When the police cannot stop the Christians, when the Courts cannot silence the Christians and when they see Christians walking and behaving like Spirit-filled Christians - the answer is given - they will see who God is, just as Egypt saw.

  4. Lastly, we hold clergy responsible. Yes, the man calls pastors into the pulpits, but there needs to be honesty. Many have called unqualified men. Many have allowed the effeminate, the gay, and cowardly to lead the churches. It is time that churches remove such men (and women pastors) to have corporate repentance, public repentance, refocus, and be intentional about getting back to what it means to be a body of believers, serving the One True King.

Will God send locus and gnats and kill all the firstborn again? Of course not. Jesus Christ, the true King, has come. He has made the perfect atoning sacrifice for our sins. He is the final paschal Lamb. We have been given a gift of grace, and we are to share this with others. Doing such things simply to be political will never suffice; however, standing on the Word of God and doing it to reveal the truth of the Gospel and the supremacy of Christ is what we are called to do. Remember, Isreal walked out of Egypt -they did not run. Even when Pharaoh pursued them, God split the sea and wiped out the Egyptian army. We serve the same God and do not need to be anxious, just obedient.

In closing, it is time to rise up the church. It is time to stop playing and start being the New Testament church. Walking in the knowledge of Christ, in the Boldness of the Spirit - let us tell all who God is and why they should obey Him.

In His Grace,