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Calling it out, Exposing the Lies and Proclaiming Truth

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As a pastor serving a church within the Greater Toronto Area, I am concerned with the ongoing decline within Canadian Protestant churches. As a Reformed Baptist by doctrinal tradition, serving the local church, it is my aim to write and record podcasts on matters that are affecting Christians in Canada. Along with my wife and family, it is my passion to pursue Christ and lead others to the call of “Behold Your God.” Before pastoral
ministry, I served as an appointed law enforcement officer, and an elder for two churches within The Christian Missionary Alliance Church in Canada, worked as a home staff missionary and conducted Urban Outreach and Training within Canada and/USA. The burden on my ministry is the local church once again returns to its mandate to make Christ known and be a body of believers who handle the Scriptures well while reaching
the lost for Christ.

Image by Alex Shutin